Summer Solstice

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The Meaning of Gratitude: Everyday Americans Reflect

For most Americans, the Thanksgiving feast means a traditional turkey feast with family and friends, and a moment’s pause to feel and express gratitude for the gifts life has given them, even during tough times. I took to the streets of New York to talk to people about what they are grateful for, and why.

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What is a Father? Everyday Dads Reflect

Father’s Day in America is a day set aside to appreciate dad for all they offer their families, and society as a whole. Father’s Day can also be a time to reflect on what fatherhood actually means in today’s culture.  Adam asked a random sampling of Americans what the word “father” means to them.

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Yo-Yo Ma and “Songs of Joy and Peace” Album

A collection of music produced by Yo-Yo Ma in connection with the winter holiday season, which exemplifies his wide-ranging and talented musical family – including traditional and modern and world music arrangements from the USA,  Brazil, medieval Ireland and closer to home.  Yo-Yo Ma is his normal charming, charismatic and virtuosic self.

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