“The Century in Sound: An American’s Perspective”

This is a 38-minute narration-free documentary of the 20th century using (other than my one minute spoken introduction) only archival sound, speeches and other audio artifacts of that talkative 100 years. The montage is of my own making and perspective as the American I happen to be, and hopefully, will take the listener of whatever provenance or vintage, on a real voyage.

It was prepared for worldwide broadcast on the Voice of America on New Year’s Eve 1999; it subsequently won the Grand Prize and the Gold Medal at the New York Festivals, and a Special VOA award. I was later flattered to learn it is often used in journalism classes.

A note on how to listen to it: all on one 38 minutes go, with the lights off. It’s fun to try identify the source of the sound you are hearing the first time around. Then check your impressions against the complete list of sound elements which I hope to post as a sidebar on this blog (when I learn how to do it.) You can also write me and request an email copy, no prob.

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  1. Oh My Word! What a wonderful discovery(re) to find your audio treasures here. Every few years I return to hunt down your magical interviews and this time around is really a thrill. I first met you at Kramerbooks as you were in the middle of working on your “Century In Sound” and I was able to contribute some thoughts on the last decade’s collage. Again, I’m so happy that you are out in the world, doing what you do. Our minds and hearts are all the more expanded and more joyous as a result. Thank you very much.

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